Tales of Vulcania goes from TTRPG to Comics this April

Scout Comics has announced that the tabletop roleplaying world of Tales of Vulcania is coming to comics this April. Created by GearGames, the comic series will be written by Marco Daeron, with art and ink by Matteo Leoni, and color by Daniele D’Italia.

Vulcania is a magmapunk world. The steam and energy from volcanoes dominates the everyday life of the great Islenations who spend their days relentlessly fighting each other. The main character of this story, Sydna, is one of the victims of one of these wars. Her homeland was destroyed when she was still a child. Since then, she has become a merciless fencer. She has but one goal: get revenge on those who took away her childhood and slaughtered her people. Always on the run from bounty hunters seeking her head, Sydna can’t trust anyone as she makes her way through thrilling sword duels, deadly gunfights, daring chases on flying ships and other more…unexpected developments. In a world where fire is a second skin, will her icy eyes be all that survives in the end?

Tales of Vulcania

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