Taste the Factions of Para Bellums’ Conquest and Learn the Lore!

Para Bellum Games, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and the Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, launched six new faction-based boxes, designed to give a “taste” of the different factions, their aesthetics, and models. Named “Faction Taster” each box offers a Character and an array of eight to twelve Infantry Regiment models, offering the chance to sample the models of each faction and engage in hours of hobby time to paint and base them! As a bonus, the Tasters offer an entry point to one’s “Conquest: First Blood” armies or a nice boost to an existing one!

With the release of the undead armies of the Old Dominion, Conquest has now six different factions, each with its own playstyle, aesthetics, and theme. The Faction Taster boxes are an easy way to assess personally and truly each of these factions, while they also offer an early start to a full force for the Skirmish battles of “Conquest: First Blood.”

Hitting the shelves in May 2022 with an SRP of 54.99/49.99 USD/EU, the Faction Taster Boxes are perfect for the fans who want to try out different factions of Conquest, and those who want great models to paint up and display!

There’s also a new feature on para-bellum.com. The lore spotlight is for fans who love reading about the world of Eä…. It will be updated every 2 weeks with new stories. The Old Dominion is the April feature. All factions will rotate through the story lines over time. Read the first addition to the lore of Conquest – The Kurschborough Expedition!

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