Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: April O’Neil and Casey Jones

TMNT DIce Masters April Casey JonesWith the next Dice Masters set from Wizkids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters, out next week, I’m going over individual cards to give my thoughts on the various characters and cards within.

We’ve looked at the villains and now it’s time to check out the heroes!

Up today first, we’re looking at April and Casey Jones!


Channel 6 Reporter (cost 2) – Ally. When fielded, give another target Sidekick or Turtle character die +1A until end of turn.

Part of the Family (cost 2) – Ally. When fielded, give another target Sidekick or Turtle character die +1D until end of turn.

Ninja in Training (cost 3) – Ally. When fielded, draw a die. If it is a Sidekick or Turtle die, roll it and add it to your Reserve Pool.

Thoughts: While it’s nice to boost stats, April isn’t the most useful of characters when it comes to abilities. The die itself is good though and its cheap fielding cost could make it worth it. At level 1, the cost is 0 with 1A 1D, level 2 the cost is 0 with 1A 3D, and level 3 the cost is 0 with 1A 5D. That level 3 is pretty decent for a 2 cost die that costs nothing to field. As a die to soak up attacks and damage, it could come in handy. I just see other die that would be more helpful or interesting in competitive play especially.

Casey Jones

Pain 101 (cost 2) – If your life total is less than 15, and Casey Jones blocks or is blocked by a Sidekick or Villain, gain 1 life.

Mutant Hunter (cost 2) – When Casey Jones attacks, you may choose any number of target Sidekicks or Villain dice to block Casey Jones character dice in any arrangement you choose.

Lunatic Vigilante (cost 3) – Casey Jones can’t be blocked by Sidekicks and Villain character dice.

Thoughts: I’m liking this card. At level 1 cost is 0 with 2A 2D, at level 2 cost is 1 with 3A 3D, and at level 3 the cost is 2 with 4A 3D. Where I think it’s helpful is its abilities. To be able to gain life or decide blockers, both can be helpful and game winning. The blockers especially could be a game winning ability (I know I could have used it this weekend for instance). Not being blocked though, we see this ability a bunch and with better spins to them. Batgirl: Stealth Bat for instance does similar with slightly different stats and cheaper fielding. Overall though, another solid addition to the set and Dice Masters game.

Check out the full unboxing video below, and join me tomorrow when I take a look at Splinter.

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