Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Baxter Stockman and Mousers

TMNT DIce Masters Baxter Stockman MousersWith the next Dice Masters set from Wizkids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters, out next week, I’m going over individual cards to give my thoughts on the various characters and cards within.

Up first, we’re starting with the villains, Baxter Stockman and Mousers!

Though there’s been many versions of Baxter Stockman, the thing that’s important to know is that he’s the creator of the Mousers, the robot eating machines created to destroy rats and have become a regular nuisance for the Turtles and Splinter.

And with their history, it felt right to lump these two characters together, especially since they impact each other.

Baxter Stockman

Evil Scientist (cost 4) – When fielded you get to move all Mousers dice from your Used Pile to Prep Area.

Mutagenic Researcher (cost 5) – While he’s active, all Mousers dice gets +2A and are free to field.

Fly Guy (cost 5) – When fielded, you may purchase a Mousers die for 1 and immediately roll it.

Thoughts: Lets start with the die. At level 1 it’s 0 cost to field and 2A 3D and level 3 it’s 1 cost for 4A 5D. That’s solid stats for really cheap fielding. But, the draw back is the cost of 4 and 5 for the character. To be able to get 5 energy might not be the easiest with just this set with lacking access to popular ways to purchase quickly. So, you’ll have to use Action Dice to get this character out if you’re just using this set. Otherwise, the character is solid for his dice and combination with Mousers who become a great buy with him.

For me, which version to choose depends on what type of team and style you’re playing. Being able to move Mousers from the Used area to Prep area could be great with a Torch pinging team. Then again, to be able to field them for free and +2A could be great with a Bard team too.

It really comes down, this is a character to use if you’re also using Mousers. Though I like the cost of the die itself, the combo is what makes him stand out.


Spare Parts (cost 2) – Mousers get +1A and +1D while another player has an active character with a “When fielded” ability

Rat Eradicator (cost 3) – When Mousers block or are blocked by a character with a “When fielded” ability, roll that die. If it’s energy, move it to the Prep Area, otherwise leave it on the rolled face.

Metal Teeth (cost 3) – When fielded, KO another target character die with a “When fielded” ability unless its owner pays 2 life.

Thoughts: Mousers are a beefed up Sidekick in some ways. At level 1 it’s 0 cost with 2A and 2D. At level 3, it’s 3A and 3D for 1 cost. That’s not too bad, and depending on the Baxter Stockman chosen, the cost may not matter.

Out of the three, I like the ability to KO a character with a “When fielded” ability and out of the three, that’s the one I plan on playing with for a bit. Rat Eradicator seems like it’d be interesting, but it all depends if you see a lot of people attacking with characters featuring “When fielded.” The 2 cost Spare Parts potentially gives you a 6A 3D character when paired with Baxter Stockman: Mutagenic Researcher. I think we’ll see that combination early on when the set is released.

Check out the full unboxing video below, and join me tomorrow when I take a look at the Foot Ninja and Fugitoid!

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