Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Foot Ninja and Fugitoid

TMNT Dice Masters Foot Ninja FuitoidWith the next Dice Masters set from Wizkids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters, out next week, I’m going over individual cards to give my thoughts on the various characters and cards within.

We’ve looked at Baxter Stockman and Mousers and up next are the villains the Foot Ninja and Fugitoud.

Foot Ninja

Shredder’s Army (cost 2) – Swarm

Ninja Syndicate (cost 3) – Ally, Foot Ninja get +1A and +1D for each other Sidekick in the field zone

Robotic Ninja Warriors (cost 3) – Ally, while Foot Ninja is active, your other Sidekick dice get +1A when blocking (doesn’t give itself this).

Thoughts: With a die that’s 0 cost with 1A 1D at level 1, 0 cost with 2A and 1D at level 2, and 1 cost with 2A and 2D at level 3, the Foot Ninja is a character and die I’m intrigued by. With swam decks popular I can see Ninja Syndicate and Shredder’s Army finding their way into a lot of decks out there. The cost 2 swam is a bit more than a Kobold, but the stats do get better with level 2 adding a bit and the Ninja Syndicate could work well in a Bard team. I can see both of these cards easily making their way into regular play. The cost 3 Robotic Ninja Warriors isn’t one I’d necessarily like as I think you’ll potentially get more out of Ninja Syndicate with its “for each Sidekick” wording. 3 other Sidekick and you’re looking at a die with 4A 4D minimum at 0 cost or 5A 5D for a cost of 1.


Professor Honeycutt (cost 3) – Nothing special

Neutrino Scientist (cost 4) – While Fugitoid is active, other Villain and Turtle character dice can’t attack unless their owner pays 1 to ignore this effect until end of turn

High Tech Body (cost 4) – While Fugitoid is active other Villain and Turtle character dice get -1A

Thoughts: Fugitoid is the character I think will find moderate play in constructed. While the character could be interesting if you see a lot of villains played in your area, or if you’re just playing from the TMNT set, this isn’t one I can see as a must have card that’s one you build a deck around or must have. At it’s lowest level the die will cost 1 to field with 3A and 1D, level 2 is 1 cost with 4A and 2D, and level 3 is 1 cost with 5A 3D. The low cost of 3 is an interesting character to use with those stats and gets out a decent attack relatively quickly, but as a whole I think there’s better options that are cheaper and more flexible.

Check out the full unboxing video below, and join me tomorrow when I take a look at the Bebop and Rocksteady.

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