Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Shredder and Krang

TMNT Dice Masters Shredder KrangWith the next Dice Masters set from Wizkids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters, out next week, I’m going over individual cards to give my thoughts on the various characters and cards within.

We’ve looked at Baxter Stockman, Mousers, Foot Ninja, Fugitoid, Bebop and Rocksteady!

Up today are the brains behind the operation Shredder and Krang!


Oroku Saki (cost 6) – While Shredder is active, each player loses 1 life at the start of their turn.

Old Rival (cost 7) – When Shredder deals combat damage to Turtle character die, your opponent loses 3 life.

Foot… Join Me (cost 8) – When fielded, move all Villain dice from your Used Pile to your Prep Area.

Thoughts: Shredder is a beast in cost and die. At level 1 his cost to field is 1 with 4A and 4D, level 2 costs is 1 with 6A 6D, and level 3 is cost 2 8A 8D. That’s a hell of a die for very little to field. It’s the purchasing that’s a bit out of hand. The TMNT set doesn’t have much to speed fielding up, so you’re relying on Basic Action Die. I doubt we’ll see much of the cost 8 version in that play. Though, in constructed and tournaments, I could see Oroku Saki and Foot… Join Me coming into play. While they might be expensive to purchase, each has abilities that are huge. The lost 1 life with Oroku Saki may skirt abilities that prevent damage from a source, since it doesn’t say it’s damage (ruling please!) and to be able to move villains like that could be interesting as well. Expect both see experimentation, though may not catch on heavily just due to cost of purchase.


Technodrome Commander (cost 6) – Regenerate

Ruler of Dimension X (cost 6) – While Krang is active, if one of your other Villain character dice attacks, and is unblocked, reroll them after damage is dealt. If they land on a character face, place them in your Prep Area instead of the used pile.

Ultrom Warlord (cost 7) – When fielded, move all Sidekick dice from your opponent’s Used Pile and Prep Area to their bag.

Thoughts: Like Shredder Krang is expensive so may be hard to field with just the TMNT set. At level 1 he has 3A 7D for cost 1, level 2 is 4A 8D for cost 1, and level 3 is 5A 9D for cost 2. Like Shredder he’s a beast when it comes to the die as well. The one I like the least is Technodrome Commander with just Regenerate. He’d be good as just a defensive blocker for teams hitting you with high attacks and overcrush. The potential 9D will soften the blow. The one I do like is Ruler of Dimension X. For the same cost you can do some neat tricks. Particularly I’m liking using this with Shredder to have him attack, be unblocked and then hopefully you roll a face to get him in the Prep Area and then bring more villains in. The combo could be impressive and irritating for opponents.

While both characters and dice have potential, lets face it, they’re expensive to purchase. There’s definitely use for both but playing with just the TMNT set it’ll be hard to get them out there. Instead, expect to see either in constructed, and even then on a limited basis.

Check out the full unboxing video below, and join me tomorrow when I take a look at the April O’Neil and Casey Jones.

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