Ten Fun Facts and Figures from Gen Con Indy 2012

Gen Con is one of my favorite conventions of the year, and the team behind the fantastic con brings us ten facts about this years. Gen Con will return next summer to the Indiana Convention Center on August 15-18, 2013. Make sure to save the dates!

Stars Youth Foundation
10. Gen Con raised more than $14,000 for charity this year, including a record-breaking Cardhalla first toss of $1652! Charity dollars went to support the Stars Youth Foundation, an Indy based organization that helps underprivileged youth. Pictured are Stars Youth Foundation students playing games at this year’s Gen Con.
World Magic Cup
9. Nearly 9,000 events ran as part of Gen Con Indy, including the Dungeons & Dragons Keynote, which hosted nearly 1,000 attendees, and the first-ever World Magic Cup which had players from 71 different countries participate, including Cup winners Chinese Taipei.

8. Three Media Guests of Honor! Thanks to Wil Wheaton, Nichelle Nichols, and Wes Bentley for their awesome enthusiasm and participation!

7. 50+ demo tables and 25+ giant-sized versions of Mayfair Games! You haven’t played Catan until you’ve played a GIANT version of the game!
Food Trucks!
6. 20 food trucks provided hot, delicious food throughout the weekend on the renovated W. Georgia St.

5. Press attendance was larger than ever before! 500+ reporters and members of the media attended Gen Con Indy 2012 with more than 5 television crews in attendance.

Free Pass!
4. More than 45 free badges for Gen Con Indy 2013 were given to show attendees this year

3. 300+ exhibitors displayed in the Exhibit Hall, showing more than 45 debuting games

2. The Gen Con Indy Facebook page reached more than 780,000 unique people during the week of Gen Con Indy 2012. and…

Show Floor
1. 41,000+ unique and 134,000+ turnstile attendees took part in the Best Four Days in Gaming™!

2012 Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Gen Con Indy 2012 Film Festival!

Filmmakers from around the world gathered to compete in this year’s festival.  Some traveled from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom for screenings, film panels, and the awards ceremony. Films from across the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, and Great Britain made it a truly international event.

The screenings were held at the Westin Hotel throughout the four days of Gen Con Indy with winners selected by jury on Sunday. The winning films have been awarded cash prizes, as well as complimentary booths in the Gen Con 2013 Exhibit Hall for the Best Feature and Best Series.

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