“The Batman” Batman Miniature Game Starter Box Available for Pre-order with Drifter figure

Knight Models has revealed a surprise for the new Batman Miniature Game starter box as the latest version has gone up for pre-order. The new box is themed around The Batman, taking inspiration from the characters and designs of the film. If you order before May 20th, you’ll get the “Drifter Bruce Wayne” miniature with your order.

The box set retails for 82,60 € which is about $87 US.

The box contains 17 brand-new miniatures.

It’ll pit the GCPD including Lieutenant Gordon, Officer Martinez, Catwoman, The Batman, and even an officer on horseback!

On the other side is Organized Crime featuring Penguin, Kenzie from narcotics, and of course Carmine Falcone!

That’s two full crews directly from the film.

You also get dice, cards, templates, and more to play.

"The Batman" Batman Miniature Game


– 1 Rulebook
– 17 thermoplastic miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
– 11 30mm plastic bases
– 4 40 mm plastic bases
– 1 60 mm plastic base
– 1 Elliptical base
– 61 Objective cards
– – 22 Batman crew objective cards
– 23 Organized Crime Objective Cards
– 8 Encounter cards
– 8 Event cards
– 6 dice
– +100 markers
– Templates and measuring sticks

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