The Batman Miniature Game Expands with New Court of Owls, Batman ’66, and More

The Baman Miniature Game from Knight Models is packed with new releases today. The Court of Owls gets the bulk of new releases with lots of new options. There’s also an updated Batman ’66, as well as Polka-Dot Man and KGBeast!

The Court is a beautiful new sculpt that can be a centerpiece of your gang. The new model retails for $40.57.

The Court

Raptor is a freelance assassin recruited to work for the Parliament of Owls and was a partner of Nightwing. The miniature retails for $16.95.


Calvin Rose and Dementor are paired together in a set for $28.29.

Calvin Rose and Dementor

The Parliament delivers a nice base to build your force from. Included are Ephraim Newhouse, 1880’s Talon, and Henry Ballard. The trio of figures cost $21.68.

The Parliament

Talons O’Malley gives you three individuals from which to build your gang. You get O’Malley’s grandfather, father, and son. They retail for $21.68.

Talons O'Malley

The Court of Owls Talon’s Night delivers an interesting mix of miniatures to add to your gang including Lincoln March, The Talon, Strix, 1890’s Talon, Gotham Butcher, and Owl Markers. The box set retails for $66.11.

The Court of Owls Talon's Night

The KGBeast is a classic Batman villain who gets a miniature to take his skills to the tabletop. the figure retails for $21.68.


Polka-Dot Man is getting a spotlight in the upcoming The Suicide Squad. The figure retails for $17.90.

Polka-Dot Man

Rounding out the releases are the duo of classic Batman and Robin from the Batman ’66 television series. The two figures come together for $20.78.

Batman '66 Batman and Robin

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