The Big Bang Theory Joins the Batman Miniature Game While Sinestro Corps Strikes Fear Into the DC Universe Miniature Game

Knight Models has five new releases today for their Batman Miniature Game and the DC Universe Miniature Game, some we’ve seen and some are brand new reveals.

A controversial release already, the characters from The Big Bang Theory enter the Batman Miniature Game with the Batman Miniature Game: The Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay box set. The set retails for $65.14 and features the characters from the show dressed as DC heroes as they did in an episode. It comes with cards and rules to use the characters in your game.

The box set features all six characters, they also feature alternative heads.

Batman Miniature Game: The Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay

A bit more appropriate for the Batman Miniature Game is Calendar Man! The obscure but cult-favorite villain can be yours for $18.99.

Batman Miniature Game: Calendar Man

Top your burger… we mean your gang… off with Condiment King! Yes, Condiment King has arrived for the Batman Miniature Game and the model looks fantastic with so much personality.

Batman Miniature Game: Condiment King

“In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light, let those who try to stop what’s right, burn like my power… Sinestro’s might!”

The Sinestro Corps is here to do battle in the DC Universe Miniature Game. With two releases, you can field Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns.

The DC Miniature Game: Sinestro Corps box set features four figures for $38. You get Romat-Ru, Lyssa Drak (with an alternative head), Bekka, and Arkillo. Also featured are stat cards to play.

But, there’d be no Sinestro Corps without Sinestro! For $28.46 you can add Sinestro: Lord Of Fear to your DC Miniature Game!

Stock up on yellow paint!

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