The Black Library Celebration 2021 is Here!

Games Workshop has kicked off this year’s Black Library Celebration. Today sees the release of numerous books to celebrate the day as well as a limited edition miniature. Check out everything you can get below.

This year’s celebration has an Ultramarine theme centered around Graham McNeill‘s new novel, The Swords of Calth. The book is the latest in the chronicles of Uriel Ventris who is now a Primaris Space Marine. Reborn, he’s more powerful than ever which he’ll need to be to take on Necrons!

The novel is coming in hardback, ebook, and MP3, as well as a special edition limited to 2,000 copies that features McNeill’s autograph and a bonus story.

The special edition is $60 and regular edition is $19.

You’ll be able to bring Uriel Ventris to the tabletop with a new miniature featuring rules for Warhammer 40,000. The figure retails for $35.

Uriel Ventris

Dan Abnett has a new novel with Penitent. The latest entry in the Eisenhorn and Ravenor saga follows 2012’s Pariah. Alizebeth Bequin sets out to discover more about the mysterious King in Yellow. The book will be in hardback, ebook, MP3, and a special edition with a bonus short story. It’ll be limited to 2,000 copies. The special edition is $65 and the regular edition is $27.

Pariah gets a new hardback edition with a brand new cover. It’ll also be available as an MP3 for the first time. The book retails for $27.


Darius HinksLiber Xenologis is an in-depth guide to the alien races that plague the Imperium. The book retails for $65.

Liber Xenologis

Hammers of Ulric is a collection of tales from the long-lost city of Middenheim. Written by Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent, and James Wallis, the book gets a 20th-anniversary hardback. The book retails for $30.

Hammers of Ulric

Dan Abnett and Mike Lee’s The Daemon’s Curse gets a new edition. The book explores the origins of Malus Darkblade. Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons dives into the dark world of the Death Korps of Krieg. Both were chosen by fans to return to paperback. Dead Men Walking is $9.99 and The Daemon’s Curse is also $9.99.

The Daemon’s Curse and Dead Men Walking

Bloodquest Vol. 2 will be available as print on demand for two weeks only. The hardback is in full color for the first time and concludes Captain Leonatos’ story. The book retails for $27.

Bloodquest Vol. 2

But there’s more than books!

Keep track of where you are in your reading with a stylish bookmark. You can get it for $18.50.

Ultramarines bookmark

A set of five pin badges themed around Drukhari, Orks, the T’au Empire, Tyranids, and Necrons will be available. The set is $40.

Every order will get a free Black Library Celebration anthology featuring five stories and will be available while stocks last.

Black Library Celebration anthology 2021

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