The Blood Bowl Pitch Gets Two Star Players with Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wächter

Forge World has two new releases today for Blood Bowl. You can add new star players to your teams or just get some awesome figures to enjoy!

Star Player Skrull Halfheight has achieved Blood Bowl immortality in more ways than one – not only is he Undead, but he’s a thrower the likes of which has never been seen among the Dwarfs. Add this Hall of Famer to your Sylvanian Spotlight or Worlds Edge Superleague team to add some deft passing moves to your playbook.

The Undead Dwarf Thrower, Skrull Halfheight can play for both Undead and Dwarf teams. The figure retails for $30 and is a 7 piece resin model.

Skrull Halfheight Blood Bowl

She may be a Star Player, but Gretchen Wächter famously hates the game. Yet her fury makes this vengeful spectre formidable indeed – she terrifies opponents with her mournful, unnatural wailing and slips through tightest cages to sack the ball carrier thanks to her incorporeal form. She makes for a (no) handy asset to any Sylvanian Spotlight team.

Gretchen Wächter can be induced to play for any Sylvanian Spotlight team. The figure retails for $30 and the resin model comes in 7 pieces.

Gretchen Wächter Blood Bowl

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