The Devourer of Worlds is Returning to Heroclix

WizKids has revealed a new Galactus figure for Heroclix. The Marvel HeroClix: Galactus – Devourer of Worlds Premium Colossal Figure will be available in August.

The figure stands on a 3×6 base with four dials. Two of those dials feature 32 clicks of health and there’s a new Herald Dial to serve. The fourth dial of the figure called the Elemental Converter Dial allows Galactus to devour the entire map!

This is the fifth iteration of Galactus in the game. The character was previously available along with the sets “Galactic Guardians” as a super booster, “Avengers” as a 2007 exclusive, and “Critical Mass” as a 2004 convention exclusive. There was also Zombie Galactus that was a convention exclusive in 2014.

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