The Dweghom Get New Reinforcements with a Hellbringer Drake, Mnemancer Apprentice, and more!

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, have revealed their March releases, which bolster the might of the Dweghom, Conquest’s take on the dwarven fantasy trope. Landing in all its heavy and terrifying glory, the cannon-bearing, armor-clad Hellbringer Drake is one of the most fervently anticipated models, bringing the Dweghom their first monster-sized regiment. Complimenting its violent, straightforward blasting power, the subtle powers offered by the Mnemancer Apprentice and the Magical Retinue are also coming this month, bolstering military might and magical prowess alike!

Following the defeat of the Dragons, it has long been a common practice among the Dweghom Holds to capture and break the lesser draco-forms to service. These drakes haul the Hellbringer Cannons, weapons designed to hunt and kill dragons and level cities… as well as anything else unlucky enough to find itself in its line of fire. This monster-sized regiment comes with three Dweghom models as its operators, as well as two different heads for the Drake itself, to suit the style of every Dweghom player! Upgrade your Drake in battle with the new mastery provided with the new Hellbringer Sorcerer model, designed to be another rider for your Drake.

But power does not lie simply on the backs of the Hellbringer Drakes and their cannons. Accompanying a Hold’s Raegh to the field of battle, the Mnemancer Apprentice offers a tremendous boon to an ambitious warlord, for Dweghom warriors will fight like men possessed, refusing to take a single backward step while under the merciless gaze of history personified. Last but in no way least, the Magical Retinue acts as arcane support to the Ardent Kerawegh, Tempered Sorcerer and Tempered Steelshaper characters, increasing further their already significant threat on the field!

Coming in March to your FLGS is the Hellbringer Drake, Hellbringer Sorcerer, Mnemancer Apprentice and Magical Retinue.

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