The Faraway Sea is animal adventures from Steamforged Games

Unfurl that dusty map and take to the waves, for an incredible RPG adventure awaits you in the Faraway Sea! New to the Animal Adventures universe? The Faraway Sea is a 5E campaign setting sure to intrigue and delight. For in that sea lies an endless chain of mysterious islands, each with its own invaluable treasure.

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea (Sourcebook)

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea (Sourcebook)

Within this book is everything you need to continue exploring the Animal Adventures world:

  • Rules for creating your own awakened animal characters
  • A gazetteer packed with information, plot hooks, and mysteries
  • A bestiary stuffed with villains, monsters, and potential friends, including: 10 new playable animal species and 25 non-player characters!

Want even more? The Sourcebook has it:

  • 6 new classes and subclasses
  • 11 ever-changed islands to explore, filled with adventure, danger, and magic
  • 3 thrilling adventures to plunge you deep into the world of the Faraway Sea
  • 10 battle maps and an overworld map
  • 14 new magic items, and much, much more

Meet the Animals of the Faraway Sea!

Set sail on your next roleplaying adventure as an awakened animal bursting with character!

From an alpaca bard to an albatross wizard, each critter has been lovingly designed with a classic fantasy roleplaying class in mind.

More Paw-Some Animal Adventurers, Meet the Cats & Dogs of the Faraway Sea!

From a Newfoundland monk to an Australian Shepherd druid, each pup has been lovingly designed to represent a classic fantasy class.

From a Scottish Fold tinkermage to a Pixiebob barbarian, each kitty has been lovingly designed to represent a classic fantasy class.

Now, they’re all ready to set sail

Animal Adventures: Cats of the Faraway Sea
Animal Adventures: Dogs of the Faraway Sea

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