The Horus Heresy Gets more Reveals with Lucius and other factions

After a weekend of massive reveals for the upcoming The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness, Games Workshop kicks off the week with a bit more.

Lucius is known as the Faultless Blade, and you’ll be able to field him for your Emperor’s Children army. Lucius was known for his abilities in personal combat… plus his arrogant attitude. He saw the Horus Heresy as a way to test himself against other legions.

His close combat abilities will have you using him to seek out other enemy characters and challenging them in battle.

Check out the miniature featuring his ornate artificer armor and Blade of Laer!


The weekend’s reveals were focused on what’s launching with the game (or soon after) but what about down the road? While the initial announcements covered loyal and traitor Space Marine forces, that’s not all you’ll be able to play with.

Factions like the Mechanicum, the Solar Auxilia, and the Talons of the Emperor will be joining them very soon and that includes full Knight armies.

Each major faction will receive their own books but to start a Legacies of the Age of Darkness PDF will be made available for free to get players going. That will include rules for discontinued models. Current players will then be able to join in on the new edition as soon as possible!

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