The Legion of Super-Heroes is out now for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game

DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover Pack 3 Legion of Super-HeroesA legion of young guns from the DC Universe are ready for their time in the spotlight! Play as a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes: Lightining Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and more in the DC Comics Deck-Building Game! Take on Super-Villains like Time Trapper, Emerald Empress, Persuader, and many others. Find interesting new Heroes, Villains, Equipment, Super Powers, and Locations in this set as well.

For those who have never played the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, you use a starting hand of cards to buy new cards… building your deck. You’re goal? Beating a group of DC super villains and in the end gaining more points than your opponent. The DC Comics Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 3: Legion of Super-Heroes adds new mechanics to the game, and the crossover packs aren’t a game unto themselves. You’ll need the main DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or Teen Titans to play. Each game comes with their own unique spin.

This set features an exciting new keyword sure to throw DC Deck-building Game players for a loop. A time loop, that is! The keyword is Time Travel, and almost every card in this set has it. A Time Travel card can be played while in the Line-Up or on the Super-Villain stack at the cost of discarding a card from hand. It will give you a bonus for the turn, but then you can’t buy or gain that card. Players will have interesting decisions to make each turn. If you use a Time Travel ability, it limits your purchase options, and it also means the next player will be able to use that Time Travel card as well. Now you need brains, skill, and timing to beat your foes!

You can get the expansion now.



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