The Lumineth Realm-lords Have Arrived for Pre-Order

With a heavy focus on Warhammer 40,000, Games Workshop‘s gaze turns upon Age of Sigmar for this week’s releases.

The Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set is now up for pre-order allowing you to bring the updated High Elves to the battlefield.

The box set is limited in quantity and has almost everything you need to bring your army to the table. Numerous kits give you options how you want to arm your forces and it’s all led by the Light of Eltharion.

The kits will be available as separate kits but there are exclusives within the box you won’t be able to get on their own. Along with miniatures you get rules and lore you’ll need as well as accessories you’ll need to game.

This limited set retails for $185.

A trio of books are available from Black Library. Mephiston: City of Light continues Darius Hinks’ series following the most sinister champions of the Space Marines, The Court of the Blind King puts you at the heart of the undersea intrigues of the Idoneth Deepkin, while Titandeath is an epic war story from Guy Haley that sees Titans clash in one of the fiercest conflicts of the Horus Heresy.

White Dwarf 454 is up for pre-order. It’s a 160-page “mega-size” issue. The issue features “Index Xenos: Godd Orks” with 3 datasheets for open play (and hints of Goff Rockers), new rules for Aeldari Harlequins, a battle report featuring Lumineth Realm-lords, Lumineth Realm-lords in Warcry, Sisters of Silence rules for Kill Team, and articles for Warhammer Underworlds, Blood Bowl, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, and more! It retails for $9.

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