The Marvel Universe Miniature Game Adds the Dark Avengers, Dr. Doom, and the Thing!

It’s been around a little over two months since Knight Model‘s last release for the Marvel Universe Miniature Game. The game publisher has announced three new releases today and two are pretty shocking! The game gets some more much-needed villains and one of the members of the Fantastic Four, a whole lot of support for the Avengers faction!

It should be no surprise that Dr. Doom is coming to the game, and at level 11 he will likely have entire teams built around him. With abilities to prevent ranged attacks, teleport, and more, he’s every bit the powerful villain he should be.

Marvel Universe Miniature Game Dr. Doom

What’s Dr. Doom without the Fantastic Four to stop him? The Thing is now available to bring to your team. He’s as tough as you’d expect. Can the rest of the FF be far behind?

Marvel Universe Miniature Game The Thing

The Dark Avengers are ready to take on all comers! Composing of Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Ares, Sentry, and Ms. Marvel, this is a superhero team made up of villains. Not one I expected to see in the game, and definitely not this early.

Marvel Universe Miniature Game Dark Avengers

All of the models are available for order now!

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