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The Necrons Have Awaken in this Week’s Games Workshop Pre-Orders

It’s all about the Necrons in this week’s Games Workshop pre-orders. A new codex, easy ways to build up your army, it’s clear the Necrons are awaken and here to rule the tabletop.

Codex: Necrons is your guide to the ancient and terrifying legions of an elder alien race. Choose your dynasty, harness a range of advanced Stratagems and take advantage of improved rules for an array of units. There’s multiple ways to purchase yours ranging from $34.99 to $95.

Also available is a way to star collecting your Necron army. Included is a Necron Overlord, an Annihilation Barge with Lord On Foot (which can be built as a Catacomb Command Barge), 12 Necron Warriors, 3 Scarab Swarms and 5 Immortals (which can be built as Deathmarks.) All for just $85.

With easy-to-reference versions of your Stratagems and the powers of your C’tan, datacards make planning new strategies on the fly simple. Get yours for $15.

Reduced in points and with the new Evasion Engrams ability, Tomb Blades are bolstered in the new Necrons codex and are the ideal harassment unit for your army. Three are $41.25.

Thanks to the new Necrons codex, you’ll be able to squeeze even more Canoptek Wraiths into your army than before, while a range of Stratagems make them even deadlier. Three are $47.

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