The Nords Skald and Konungyr and Iced Jotnar are Coming for Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, turned its attention to the Nords faction and revealed not one, not two but three new releases. Among them, the dreaded but imposing Ice Jotnar, specially sculpted for Conquest by renowned sculptor Michael Kontraros.

The new releases will see a whole new character becoming available to Nords players, bringing a new Supremacy Ability and allowing new Restricted units to be fielded. Coming in August to your FLGS, the Konungyr proves that the fragmented leadership of the Nords respects only one thing: power and strength. Only they can command enough respect to field an Ice Jotun, for the Ice Jotnar are the nobility of their kind and most powerful among the giants. Joining their Konungyr in September, this Monster is gifted with the power of storm and ice, their combat prowess going far beyond the swinging of their massive weapon or even the unforgiving cold their mere presence emanates. As if summoned to tell the tales such powerful new additions promise, the Command Upgrade model of the Skald completes the trio of Nords releases, and all Nord warriors, from the mightiest Jarl to the youngest raider, will fight like lions beneath his gaze, hoping to be immortalized in song.

Released in August (Skald and Konungyr) and September (Ice Jotnar), the end of the summer will bring warmth to the hearts of Nord Warlords everywhere… and terror to their enemies.

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