The Old Dominion arrives for Para Bellum’s Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames has released The Old Dominion, the sixth faction for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood. Undead remnants of a theocratic empire lost over six centuries ago, the Old Dominion brings an Eastern Roman Empire flair to the trope of the undead, with Legions, Cataphracts, animated religious statues and even returned Gods to walk the fields of Conquest!

The release of the Old Dominion as the sixth faction was in fact decided a year ago by the community of Conquest players through the Living World platform and since then Para Bellum has been working on overdrive to deliver. The faction has its own unique mechanics on the field, representing the history and driving force behind them: the god Hazlia, once the patron of humanity, now a shattered deity, whose unGodly madness animates all those sworn to him throughout history. From relics and artifacts devoted to him and his Fallen Pantheon, to the fabled Legions and the endless faithful that heard Hazlia’s angered Final Creed, the Old Dominion are here to bring peace eternal to the world of Conquest! The FREE downloadable rules and Army Builder were updated on March 15th to include all of the Old Dominion updates. Conquest players are welcome to ready their army lists now as they prepare for the April arrival of a large launch of models, with brutes and an Artisan Series sculpt coming in May and June respectively.

Old Dominion Launching with two infantry dual kits (Kheres/Moroi and Legionnaires/Praetorian Guards), two characters (Archimandrite and Xhiliarch), as well as a Limited Preview edition of the Strategos Character. This alt sculpt has been made as a one-time production never to be released again. The Old Dominion is hitting the shelves in April 2022 at FLGS and online at retailers including Pare Bellum’s E-shop. The launch will include a whole-new One Player Starter Set for those who want to start off with a “table ready” regiment. Yes, Old Dominion will be ready to play in April – let’s play!

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