The Old Dominion get new terrors with the Kataphraktoi and Hierodeacons

Para Bellum Games, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, is expanding on the entries of “The Old Dominion” – the sixth faction of the fantasy gaming world of Conquest! Buried with their faithful warhorses and all their fabled equipment, the dreaded “Kataphraktoi” (Kat-ah-frac-tee) join the fray, the skeletal bodies of horse and rider clad in full metal panoply; and they are not alone. Heralding the way for the horrors of the Fallen Pantheon, the fanatical evangelists of old divinity walk upon the fields of Conquest once more, as the terrifying Hierodeacons gather their forces to bring their twisted dogmas on the world of the living.

The addition of the Kataphraktoi to the available Old Dominion regiments offers a frightening Medium Cavalry Regiment to their Warlords. With high movement, a good defense and shield, plus their Brutal Impact and their unstoppable charge ability, the Kataphraktoi are not there simply for the aesthetics. The Hierodeacon, on the other hand, not only paves the way for future releases of the dreaded Fallen Pantheon Restricted Regiments, it also offers additional magic power, while being an excellent manager of the Warlord’s Dark Power Token pool, magnifying the effects of the Old Dominion’s special rules!

The Kataphraktoi (SRP 49.99US$/ 47.99 EU/ 80.95 AU$) and the Hierodeacon (SRP 28.99 US$/ 25.99 EU/ 41.95 AU$) are hitting the shelves in May 2022.

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