The Realm of Kings Comes to the Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game

Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game Realm of Kings

Upper Deck has released Realm of Kings, the latest expansion for the Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game.

The Inhumans are a mysterious, powerful race living in the hidden city of Attilan, on Earth’s moon. Strongest of all the Inhumans are the Royal Family led by King Blackagar Boltagon.

Long misunderstood the Inhumans have been treated like a failed experiment and rejected as dangerous monsters. For them, the danger lies everywhere! Not only on the cosmic battlefields of space but it also lurks within the palace walls. While space fleets battle for the destiny of empires, Black Bolt’s brother Maximus schemes a betrayal to seize the throne. In Realm of Kings, players command the unearthly powers of the Inhuman Royal Family and fend off mutinous family members and cosmic conquerors. The challengers are many, and without mercy.

Though armed with new keywords and powerful heroes, this expansion also brings with it powerful threats, from Masterminds both within the royal family and without. Whether you encounter the Terrigen Mist or not, embrace your inherent potentials as you wield the magnificent and multifarious powers of the Inhumans against all comers.

The expansion features 100 playable cards, 5 heroes, 2 new masterminds and villain groups, and a rule sheet. A copy of Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game is required to play.

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