The Resin Beast Miniature Painting Competition Returns for 2023

Resin Beast

The biggest miniature painting competition is coming to Adepticon! Creature Caster and Para Bellum Games announce the return of the Resin Beast Painting Competition for 2023! By partnering, this will be the largest Resin Beast ever, and one of the biggest miniature painting competitions that the world has ever seen! Resin Beast features a massive prize pool of approximately US$14,000 over many different categories of prizes. For 2023, we are partnering with Play on Tabletop to bring a behind the scenes look at the Resin Beast. In this two-episode series that will come out after Adepticon, fans will see how the judges make their decisions and understand the painters’ perspectives about their craft. The “Community Choice” awards will be highlighted throughout, and viewers will be welcome to vote for their favorite miniatures, regardless of the official judging.

Para-Bellum Games and Creature Caster encourage Painters and Hobbyists of all skill levels to participate. There will be adventures for everyone! We look forward to entries from those that believe they are the best of the best, and from those that have just started their journey into this incredible hobby. This will be the most engaging and innovative miniature painting competition the world has ever seen. To achieve these lofty goals, the incredible team at Creature Caster is joining forces with the maker of Conquest, Para Bellum Games, to host this event. This partnership will truly take the Resin Beast to a whole new level.

The Resin Beast competition will be themed around a dungeon crawl where all participants will join as adventurers to struggle together against the Resin Beast itself. It is a competition, with impressive prizes available. We also want to make sure that all skill levels can participate and have lighthearted fun. There will be many levels of categories in which painters of all levels can place and win. This competition is open to all painters of Conquest or Creature Caster models.

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