The Resin Beast Returns for Adepticon for 2023

The Resin Beast Miniature Painting Competition returns to Adepticon for 2023! The biggest miniature painting competition is coming to Adepticon! Creature Caster and Para Bellum Games have announced the return of the Resin Beast Painting Competition for 2023. By partnering, this will the biggest Resin Beast ever, and one of the biggest miniature painting competitions that the world has ever seen! Resin Beast features a massive prize pool of approximately US$14,000 over many different categories of prizes.

Para Bellum and Creature Caster encourage Painters and Hobbyists of all skill levels to participate. There will be adventures for everyone! This will be the most engaging and innovative miniature painting competition the world has ever seen. In order to achieve these lofty goals the incredible team at Creature Caster is joining forces with the maker of Conquest, Para Bellum Games, to host this event. This partnership will truly take the Resin Beast to a whole new level.

The Resin Beast competition will be themed around a dungeon crawl where all participants will join as adventurers to struggle together against the Resin Beast itself. It is a competition, with impressive prizes on the line, and we also want to make sure that all skill levels can participate and have lighthearted fun.

More details will be released in the coming weeks, a monstrous compendium of all you need to defeat this mighty foe, but for now, this is what you need to know to get started:

  • Adventurers must travel to Adepticon 2023, to enter the lair of the Resin Beast. This event occurs on March 22nd – 26th in the land known as Chicago. (Options for others to travel on your behalf will exist if it is not possible for entrants to embark on the quest – details on this to follow).
  • The Resin Beast has gathered approximately US$14,000 into its lair, along with some incredible trophies and other worldly goods that will not be available in any other channel for these winners.
  • Para Bellum and Creature Caster models only may be entered for competition.
  • You can choose to enter as many categories as you would like, but you may only enter each category once (there are 5 categories for which you can submit 5 possible entries). Each entry can only be placed in one Category (an entry cannot be in unit and a diorama, for example).
  • A similar Judging system as past years will be used, but with some adjustments and improvements for 2023.

Adventurers can only carry two treasures in their packs. This means you can only place in a maximum of two categories and then you must let someone else get some loot!

For Grand Recognition, the title “Beast Slayer” will be rewarded to one brave adventurer. This coveted title represents striking a mortal blow against the Resin Beast itself. While any such adventurer will find riches and glory in such a feat, there is also a terrible burden placed upon them, for the Resin Beast never truly dies, and will no doubt seek revenge.

For a shot at the “Beast Slayer” title, an adventurer must have a minimum of two separate entries in two of the above categories. One of these entries must feature a Creature Caster model, and the other a model from Para Bellum Games. Whichever adventurer has the highest combined score from their two entries will truly have shown their mastery of painting.

The Resin Beast Categories for Placement are:

Large Model:

  • Models that were sold with a base size of at least 90mm or are over 20cm in height (bottom of foot to highest point of the model).
  • Maximum dimensions of 175x175mm square of 175mm round with a maximum height of 410mm.

Mid-Size Model:

  • Models sold with a minimum base size above 40mm and a maximum base size below 90mm.
  • Maximum dimension of 100x100mm square or 100mm round with a maximum height of 300mm.

Small Model:

  • Models sold with a base size equal to or below 40mm.
  • Maximum dimensions of 50x50mm square or 50mm round with a maximum height of 150mm for the entry.


  • Minimum of 2 fully represented models. (Not one model and a hand rising out of the ground!)
  • Entry must be on a minimum of a 100mm round base up to a maximum of 200x200mm square or 200mm round, and with a maximum height of 410mm
  • A Diorama may include a mix and match of models from both companies if desired but the cohesiveness will be considered. Tie break points awarded if done successfully.

Unit or Warband:

  • This is a bit of a tricky one, so please read carefully.
  • Maximum base size for models in the composition is 60mm.
  • Units must be constructed using the following point system:
    • Models sold on a base smaller than 40mm are worth 1 point
    • Models sold on a 40mm – 60mm base are worth 2 points
    • Unit may have multiple base sizes in the unit.
    • Units must not have a value over 12 points or under 6 points.
    • This means that depending on the base size of the models you will have at minimum 3 models and at maximum 12 models.
  • A Unit/Warband may consist of a mix and match of models from both companies if desired, but the cohesiveness will be considered. Tie break points awarded if done successfully.
Resin Beast

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