The Walking Dead: All Out War Launches February 1

The Walking Dead All Out War Game PicMantic Games has revealed more details on their new miniature game based on Skybound‘s The Walking Dead.

The company has laid out a simple Kickstarter for The Walking Dead: All Out War, where there’ll be one reward level where items will be shipped all in one box. The Walking Dead All Out War Zombie

The idea is to have all of the first wave of releases, the game, the minis, freebies, and upgrades as long as stretch goals have are reached. This will help simplify the shipping and prevent major issues with missing items.

If the campaign foes well, they have also said that at that point they will also release 2 or 3 simple expansions that folks who pledge will be able to add on their pledge. These expansion will introduce more heroes, bad guys, variant plays, and settings such as the Prison.

The company has also said these expansions will ship later so that they don’t interfere with the first wave of releases.

The company has also let it be known the base fame will cost $50 and boosters will be $20.

The Walking Dead All Out War Miniatures Game

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on Monday February 1 at 05:30am PT, 08:30am ET or 1:30pm GMT. It closes on Monday February 29 at 15:59pm PT, 18:59pm ET 11:59pm GMT.

Shipping for wave 1 is expected to be begin August 2016.

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