The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniature Game in February. First look at Carl.

TWD-02We’ve been following the announcement this week that Mantic Games will be producing a miniature game based on the hit comic book series The Walking Dead. The company has been slowly pulling back pieces of the puzzle teasing out just a little bit of information at a time about the game dubbed The Walking Dead: All Out War.

First there was a teaser.

Next there was the announcement.

Third there was a video talking more in depth as to what we can expect.

All throughout the company has been encouraging folks to sign up for their email list to get more information. Well, the first email has gone out announcing a whole week of previews on the game and miniatures beginning on Monday.

But, the big question is, when is all of this coming out? In their recent email the company says:

We hope you’ve been saving your Christmas money for February ;) #TWDMinis

It looks like Mantic is being smart aiming for the games release in February judging by that. That’s the same month when The Walking Dead television series (the game is based on the comic) returns for the second half of the current season. The comic book series also sees its 150th issue released this coming week on January 13th. Writer Robert Kirkman has hinted the comic will end in a “shocking way” and there’s hints folks will finally turn on Rick. That makes issue #151, out in February (currently solicited as releasing February 3), a key issue and likely solid start for new readers.

Can we be seeing actual decent synergy and marketing!?

Even more fun, the company sent a different newsletter in Italian. That newsletter had more information including a first look at Carl Grimes and a zombie dubbed “wandering.”

Carl Grimes Wandering Zombie

Stay tuned, as we find out more about what looks like an exciting new game.


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