There’s A Lot More Magic at BOOM! Studios Starting This Summer

The stellar creative team of writers Stephanie Williams, Daniel Warren, and Dave Rapoza, artists Alberto Locatelli and Lea Caballero, and colorists Arianna Consonni and Raúl Angulo, take readers to unforgettable realms in the Magic Multiverse this summer in the 40-page one-shot Magic Planeswalkers: Noble from BOOM! Studios.

Planeswalkers Karn and Ral Zarek team up to navigate the lonely and often treacherous space between flesh and machine.

Meanwhile, a romantic outing between Vraska and fan-favorite Jace? The circumstances are a bit less than ideal for the burgeoning couple…

Magic Planeswalkers: Noble features a main cover by Jahnoy Lindsay, and variant covers by Frany and Justine Florentino. It arrives in shops on June 14, 2023.

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