Things Get Microscopic with Board Game Bento this March

Big games with a little theme this March with Board Game Bento! The mystery game box brings you MICROSCOPIC games. Play games on an infinitesimal level, going inside bodies and computers. Keep a body healthy and functional, compete against a supercomputer to make connections, and study and group the smallest measurable particles. Three games, plus three expansions for the smallest game in the box, good for as few as one player and as many as many as five players.

You don’t need a microscope to see the value in this Bento box:

  • The themes aren’t just small, they have a microgame in the box;
  • Great for gamers who like lighter thought-provoking games:
  • Three publishers in Board Game Bento for the first time.

Don’t forget to pick up this MICROSCOPIC box by March 28th at 11:59 pm EST!

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