Toy Fair 2016: TMNT, Civil War, World’s Finest Spotted

Toy Fair 2016 is going on this weekend and Wizkids is showing off some of the upcoming Dice Masters sets.

The next three sets should be (unless there’s some weird delays) are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Civil War, and World’s Finest, all shown off at Toy Fair. Following World’s Finest the next DC set will be Green Arrow and The Flash, scheduled to release in August.

Civil War will be out in May 2016, World’s Finest is March 2016, and TMNT should be out any time now since it was already supposed to be out.

Checking the cards from World’s Finest, two look to get more dice on the table and also modifying characters or purchasing. Both “Vengeance” and “Iron Will” sound interesting. Just those six cards make it seem like an interesting set.

(via The Reserve Pool)

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