Unboxing: Board Game Bento “What’s Cooking”

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The folks behind the top notch Comic Bento have launched a new service geared towards fans of board games, Board Game Bento.

We open up the seventh box of the service and give our thoughts on what’s inside. The theme is “What’s Cooking” so think of themes featuring food and cooking.

For a breakdown of prices to see if the box is worth it:

Burger Boss – $59.99 retail
Settlers of Kitchen – exclusive
Foodfighters – $14.99 ($19.99 retail)
Foodfighters: Grain Faction – $4.99 retail
Sushi Go! $10.99 ($14.99 retail)
Gingerbread Kaiju – $2.99 retail

Value: $93.95 or $102.95 retail

Burger Boss from searches is a hard to get game, and while it retails for $59.99, there’s some selling it for over $100.

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