Unboxing: Warlord Games’ Bolt Action Supply Box “D-Day”

Warlord Games is creating an easy way to build up your Bolt Action collection with the Bolt Action Supply Drop Box.

The monthly crates are game-centric allowing gamers to easily build up a force.

June kicks off with the theme of “D-Day” and a crate to celebrate, “Operation Coastal Incursion“.

What’s inside? We open it up and find out!

The box is $80, so how does it stack up to the retail price?

  • US Infantry – $48
  • US Army 30 Cal – $12.80
  • M7 Priest – $37
  • D-Day Operation Overlord – $30

Total: $127.80

July’s theme is “Operation Sci-fi” and you can order it now. It’s limited to 300 copies.

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