Unboxing: Warlord Games Mystery Box

Warlord Games has launched a mystery box packed with items from their various games.

Retailing for $72, the box contains a minimum of $136 worth of items.

What’s inside one of the boxes and does it live up to promises? Find out!

A second Mystery Box is on sale now! Get them before they sell out!

Items (prices are from the Warlord website and second number Miniature Market):

  • Bolt Action German Army Dice Bag & Dice – $16 ($36.99)
  • Warlord Laser Pointer & Laser Line – $16 ($13.99)
  • Japanese A6MX ‘Zero-Sen’ 6 Plane Squadron – $40 ($34)
  • Cruel Seas: Soviet Bronekater pr.1125 with Katyusha – $24 ($21.99)
  • Cruel Seas Rulebook – $32 ($27.99)
  • Bolt Action Campaign Gigant Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front x2 – $20.75 ($17.99) each
  • Terminator Genisys Sprues (x2) – ?
  • Bolt Action British Infantry Sprue – ?

Total: $169.50 ($170.94)

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