Unboxing: Warlord Games’ Supply Box “A Not So Phoney War”

Warlord Games has created an easy way to build up your collection with the Supply Drop Box. The monthly crates are game-centric allowing gamers to easily build up a force.

November’s box bolsters your German forces with “A Not So Phoney War“.

You can order the next box.

What’s inside “A Not So Phoney War”? We open it up and find out!

The box is $80, so how does it stack up to the retail price?

  • Blitzkrieg German Infantry WWII Early War Germans – $53.00
  • Blitzkrieg German Medium Mortar Team – $14.40
  • Panzerjager I Tank Destroyer – $34.40
  • Germany Strikes! Early War in Europe – $29.95

Total: $131.75

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