Unboxing: Warpfire Minis’ WarpCrate, more Adeptus Mechanicus!

Warpfire MinisWarpCrate is a mystery box for Warhammer 40K or Age of Sigmar! For $25 a box, you get random figures delivered to your doorstep. It’s promised the value to be at least $40.

We’re going to see how much of three armies we can build with a year of boxes! Our three armies this year are Adeptus Mechanicus, Tau, and Harlequins.

And, the latest unit is… Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarian Infiltrators! It’s box 4 of our year-long experiment!

How’d we do this month?

Sicarian Infiltrators – $55

Total – $55

Get yours:

Army points so far:
Adeptus Mechanicus: ~176 points ($50 spent – $120 retail – saved $70)
Harlequins: ~78 points ($25 spent – $42 retail – saved $17)
T’au: ~80 points ($25 spent – $50 retail – saved $25)

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