The United States Playing Card Company Launches New Tabletop Games Studio

The United States Playing Card Company has launched a new tabletop game studio. Their first game, Nailed It! is being previewed at this week’s historic Gen Con, which celebrates the conventions 50th birthday! The United States Playing Card Company is the company behind Bicycle Playing Cards.

The mission of this new publishing arm is to serve as a cutting edge game development lab, teaming up with creators who have a keen understanding of what modern tabletop players are looking for in terms of unique game design, artwork and quality. Games brought to market under the Bicycle Games brand will emphasize entertaining face-to-face social engagement in the adult party, party, and light strategy categories. In keeping with the rich heritage of Bicycle cards, games produced will feature superior quality, artfully designed components and be primarily manufactured in the United States.

Attendees at Gen Con will be able to preview Nailed It!, the first game to be launched under the Bicycle Games brand. This adult party game invites players to create their funniest, most outrageous stories related to over 56 different stereotypes, everything from a Cat Lady and Conspiracy Theorist to a Surfer Dude and Trust Fund Baby. Players are dealt hands of category cards with one player serving as judge for a single round. The judge rolls the oversized foam die to determine a category – like Location, Food, Clothing or Ailment – then flips over a stereotype
card. Each player then gets a chance to say why a category item in their hand is the best fit for that stereotype using the funniest, most logical, simplest or most complex story they can come up with on the spot. The judge picks his or her favorite and awards the winner of the round that stereotype card. Drop the Hammer cards appear at random and can change the outcome of a round.

Easy to learn, with game play lasting 30-40 minutes, Nailed It! will also be available to playtest throughout Gen Con at locations near the convention center, including bars, hotels and several game stores including Good Games (111 S. Meridian St.), Game Paradise (1110 Prospect St.) and Downtown Comics (11 E. Market St.). The game will be available for purchase starting in November 2017.


  • Played this game at a friends house-let me just say BEST GAME EVER!! The idiots who decided to shelf this game because it wasn’t “pc” need their asses kicked by a third grader. Life isn’t all candy and roses, sometimes we all need a good laugh and some friends to share it with! Bring this game back and quit being such hosers!

    • Yeah, very weird it hasn’t been released. It was supposed to debut at PAX Unplugged. We have a demo copy and will probably do a “great game you may never see” type thing.

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