Van Saar Get a New Book for Necromunda, House of Artifice

House of Artifice

Van Saar are the most advanced of the House clans in Necromunda and House of Artifice arms them even better to battle it out in the underhive. The newest expansion for Games Workshop‘s Necromunda was revealed today during a brand new online preview.

Beyond background on House Van Saar, House of Artifice features:

  • New ways to use them in games of Necromunda
  • Unique technological advancements
  • Gang-specific strategies
  • New fighters such as the Archeoteks and Neoteks

Archeoteks have mastered the gang’s technology over the years, experienced gang members with lots of experience. Neoteks are young members, flying around on grav-cutters battling it out.

House Van Saar Archeoteks and Neoteks

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