Waaagh! The Orks are Coming in this Week’s Games Workshop Pre-Order

After about a month since the initial limited release, the Orks are starting to get a proper release for Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40,000 starting with this week’s upcoming pre-order.

Codex: Orks gets two releases, a regular and limited edition. The anticipated codex has everything players need to get their green tide to the table. The book includes 61 new and revamped datasheets, rules for Crusade campaigns, Relics, Stratagems, Psychic Disciplines, and rules for seven clans.

Codex: Orks

You’ll want an easy way to build your force and Combat Patrol: Orks is it with almost all new miniatures within. 24 of the 25 miniatures are totally new to the Ork line including 20 Boyz, a new mega-armoured Warboss, three Deffkopts, and the one “old” miniature, a Deff Dread.

 Combat Patrol: Orks

The Beast Snagga Boyz are getting the spotlight and you’ll be able to lead your force with the new Beastboss. You’ll be able to get in with some close combat with this beast of a figure and don’t forget an aura that gives other Beast Snaggas in range an extra attack!


Zodgrod Wortsnagga is a classic character and he gets a new miniature! The greatest Runtherd is here to take care of the grots and make sure they’re a little more useful.

Zodgrod Wortsnagga

Squig riding boys? Yes, please! Squighog Boys will allow you to quickly cover the ground and get in fighting. The box set features five models, three regular boys, a Nob on a Smasha Squig, and a Bomb Squig.

 Squighog Boys

The Battlewagon gets repackaged that you can build a Battlewagon, Bonebreaka, or Gunwagon with. This new box set includes the upgrade sprue that lets you soup it up with a deff rolla or a kannon.


Big ’Ed Bossbunka gives you a fortification to oversee the battlefield from. You get lots of shooty as well as Gaze of Gork and the ability to boost your warboss’ aura abilities.

Big ’Ed Bossbunka

Round out your army with Ork Dice and Datacards!

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