Warcradle Studios’ Altered Carbon card game, Fightdrome: Panama Rose, is available for pre-order

Fightdrome: Panama Rose

Players get a chance to fight head to head in the iconic Fightdome from the Altered Carbon novels in Fightdrome: Panama Rose.

The Auditorium’s light dim and the crown settles into an excited hush. A disembodied voice echoes through the darkness… “Welcome friends, to Fightdrome! My friends, tonight you will experience an event unlike any other. Tonight, you will witness two fearsome warriors battling before your very eyes! Only one can stand victor…but which will it be?!” At either end of the arena, spotlights flare suddenly, highlighting the frames of two eager looking fighters. The crown grasps and then erupts into whooping and hollering of delight.

The card drafting game is for 2 players age 14+ and games take about 30 minutes. It places gamers at the heart of the Panama Rose combat arena.

The compact card game is a perfect game for on the go fun.

Fightdrome: Panama Rose contains;

  • 1x Rulebook
  • 101x Combat Cards
  • 8x Sleeve Cards
  • 11x Stack Cards
  • 2x Reference Cards

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