Warcradle Studios’ Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is Up for Pre-Order. Excellent!

Bill & Ted's Riff in Time

Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time has taken a most serious turn; the bodacious board game you’ve been waiting for is now available to pre-order!

Warcradle Studios is releasing the official board game based off of the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure film franchise in partnership with Creative Licensing. In addition, Warcradle has revealed an exciting expansion to upgrade each personage of historical significance with plastic miniatures and add a fifth player: the Rufus’ Remix Expansion.

Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 80 minutes to play. The core set includes a Rule Book, 4 Wyld Stallyns Player Miniatures (Bill S. Preston, Ted Theodore Logan, Elizabeth Logan, Joanna Preston), 10 Personages of Historical Significance Standees (Socrates, Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Sigmund Freud, Napoleon, Charlemagne, Babe Ruth), 10 Plastic Slot Bases, 10 Personages of Historical Significance/Location Cards, 1 Game board, 10 Historical Location Discs, 1 San Dimas Disc, 10 Historical Location Discs, 1 San Dimas Disc, 4 Objective Tracking Tokens, 4 Objective Tracking Tokens, and 14 Game Dice (3x Wyld Dice – Yellow, 4x Character Dice – Blue, 4x Triumphant Dice – Pink, 3x Bogus Dice – Black). 

In Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time, players take a nostalgic trip to 1990’s San Dimas, and of course, to time periods such as the Wild West, Napoleonic France, Ancient Greece and many more. Embarking on a triumphant quest through time.

We officially challenge you to take on San Dimas.

Your journey begins with friends and family, as you race against the clock, working together to save the universe, to put things right and be truly triumphant.

Bill & Ted's Riff in Time Rufus Remix

Several rifts have opened up across history, causing personages of historical significance to become lost in time. You must return them all to their correct points in history and close the time rift found there, before the rift in San Dimas fractures beyond repair.

Will you seal the rifts and return every character to their correct place in history before time itself breaks down?

The Rufus’ Remix Expansion adds Rufus as a playable character, allowing you to make your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time a five-player game.

The box also includes full plastic miniatures for each of the Personages of Historical Significance, replacing the card versions in the core box for Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time.

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