Warcradle Studios Launches a Dystopian Wars 2-player starter set

Dystopian Wars Hunt for the Prometheus

Warcradle Studios has announced Hunt for the Prometheus – the ultimate Dystopian Wars 2-player starter set.

This boxed set provides everything two you need to dive into Dystopian Wars; a Russian Commonwealth Fleet and Covenant of the Enlightened Fleet, the rules, dice, tokens, and more… including a special edition campaign booklet.

The campaign featured in the special edition booklet takes you through the theft of the prototype Hypatia Class Generator ship, by the Russian double agent Helsinki Markov, guiding you through the rules one game at a time.

The Commonwealth Intelligence Service (known as the Okhrana) have seen a chance to acquire Enlightened secrets and add new technology to their arsenal in order to better defend the Commonwealth. They risk reprisals from the Enlightened but as long as the technology is theirs it will be worth the consequence.

The Covenant guard their secrets jealously and losing the Generator ship will cost them years of research and development. The game is afoot and the stakes are high for both sides.

Due for release at the end of January, pre-order now with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games.

Dystopian Wars Hunt for the Prometheus

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