Warcradle Studios’ New Releases Features a Showdown at Retribution and Town Set

With a new two-player starter set for Wild West Exodus, as well as brand new terrain sets from Warcradle Scenics – this month prepare to be excited and head to the wild west! Warcradle Studios has revealed its October 2021 releases which you can find below.

Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set

Set in the bustling town of Retribution, Nikolai Tesla and his Union force are called to action against Gustave Eiffel and the Enlightened.

The Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set is available to pre-order now and features all you need to get started with Wild West Exodus: two forces, the full third edition rulebook, quickstart guide, and more!

Retribution Town Set

ring the town of Retribution to life with the Retribution Town Set!

A perfect accompaniment to the two player starter set, this set by Warcradle Scenics includes a Theater, Railroad Station, Residence, Barracks and Windmill.

Bring the showdown to your very own town of Retribution.

Retribution Town Set

Retribution Town House

You can also now pre-order the Retribution Town House.

This modular building has lots of different customization options and is perfect at helping to populate your town of Retribution or enhance any tabletop scenario.

Retribution Town House

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