Warcradle Studios Reveals new Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus for Pre-Order

Hochmeister Battlefleet Set

The Hochmeister is a mechanical marvel crewed by Teutonic Knight-Luminaries. These Vitruvian colossi stride the seabed waiting for the perfect time to strike, launching upwards on powerful hydro jets.


  • 3x Hochmeister Vitruvian Colossi. Each Colossus can alternatively be built as a Metzger Vitruvian Colossus.

Konig Battlefleet Set

Featuring the latest in metallurgical and technological advancements, the Konig class is used to lead Teutonic battlefleets in operations around the globe.

  • Contents
  • 1x Konig Class Battleship
  • 1x Ferdinand Class Cruiser
  • 1x Augustus Class Cruiser The Augustus can alternatively be built as a Schaumburg Class
  • 2x Arminius Class Frigates
  • 2x Sigimer Class Destroyers Each Destroyer can alternatively be built as Toten Class
  • 1x Blitzen Bomber special SRS Token
  • 1x Imperium SRS token.

British Crown Support Squadron

The Crown have more in store with the British Crown Support Squadron, which aims to assist any Crown fleet with further reinforcements.

While the Frontline Squadrons of the Crown Royal Navy are used to going toe-to-toe with enemy fleets, the Support Squadrons serve a range of unique roles to aid and assist the fleet as a whole to complete their missions.


  • 2x Agincourt Cruisers – Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Athelstan or Hotspur Class
  • 4x Excalibur Heavy Destroyers
  • 2x Morgana Submarines
  • 2x SRS Tokens.

Mono-Cav / Strider-Cav

Armed with a pair of heavy Manreapers, the Mono-Cav excels at rapid response, it speeds across the battlefield with it’s limbless pilot remaining eerily still thanks to an advanced stabiliser suite.

Utilising the same methodology is the Strider-Cav, a natural advancement of the Widower construct. Four pneumatic legs power it forward, resembling a sinister steel spider.


  • 2x Mono-Cav Constructs that can alternatively be built as Strider-Cav Constructs. Each Mono-Cav can alternatively be built as a Strider-Cav Construct
  • 4x Bases

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