Warcradle Studios Reveals New Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus Releases

There are new releases coming for Warcradle StudiosDystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus as well as new Warcradle Scenics!

Both the Union and Japanese fleets grow as things get more tense for the seas in Dystopian Wars. The Enlightened take to the air with a deadly invention, the Sickle Gyrop Cav for Wild West Exodus. Finally, you can bring the town of Red Oak to life with some brand-new terrain!

Enterprise Battlefleet Set

The Union are ready to launch the largest vessel in their naval register this March with the release of the Enterprise Battlefleet Set, cementing them as a power that is not to be taken lightly.

Powered by three massive Paddlewheels, this mighty vessel retains some of the manoeuvrability of the smaller Union ships while still being able to maintain an impressive speed for its size.


  • 1 x Enterprise Heavy Carrier
  • 3 x Yorktown Class Cruisers (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class)
  • 6 x Farragut Class Frigates, 3 x Akron Observation Rotor
  • 3 x Discovery Class Cruisers (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Roanoke, California, Montgomery or Washington Class)
  • 6 x RC-52 Patriot Automata
  • 3 x SRS Token

Japanese Frontline Squadrons

The supporting cruisers that are assigned to Battlefleets through the forces of the Empire vary greatly.

Use the Japanese Frontline Squadrons to escort the previously released Kongo Heavy Battleship to strengthen an Empire Fleet and battle it out on the tabletop.


  • 2 x Osaka Cruisers (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Miyagi, Yamaguchi, Ishikawa or Honshu Cruiser)
  • 4 x Kyoto Frigates
  • 4 x Chita Automata
  • 2 x SRS Tokens.

Sickle Gyro-Cav

Not content with just creating the Mono and Strider-Cav, the Enlightened have much more to show for Wild West Exodus as their Cavs become airborne!

Introducing the Sickle Gyro Cav.

The roar of its engines and bark of its guns are usually the first, and last, sounds that enemies of the Enlightened will hear at its arrival.

Red Oak Town Set 1

Bring Red Oak to your tabletop with the Red Oak Town Set 1,which offers multiple of the original Red Oak terrain kits now available in color and in one great value set.


  • 1 x Crematorium
  • 1 x Cat House
  • 1 x Saloon
  • 1 x Bridge
  • 1 x Jail
  • 1 x Scatter
  • 1 x Metalsmith
  • 1 x Prospector’s Shack

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