Warcry, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and 40K are All Up for Next Week’s Pre-Orders from Games Workshop

It feels like a week where there’s something for everyone when it comes to the upcoming pre-orders from Games Workshop. So many different games are represented including the beginning of the reveals from Warhammer Day.

Warcry: Red Harvest is here with two new warbands, new terrain, and everything you need to start playing. You can pick from the Tarantulos Brood or the Darkoath Savagers to do battle. New rules allow you to activate machinery and push enemy fighters to their doom in molten pits!

Along with 23 plastic Citadel Miniatures and 28 terrain pieces, the box also includes rules, a board, cards, token, and dice – everything you need to begin your conquest of the Eightpoints.

Warcry: Red Harvest

The Octarius campaign continues for Warhammer 40,000. War Zone Octarius Book 2: Critical Mass will be available delivering the conclusion to the epic conflict.

The book contains a codex supplement for the Blood Axes, updated Index rules for Rogue Trader crews, a Speed Freeks Army of Renown, and rules for embarking on an Octarius Sector Campaign with new Legendary missions, branching mission trees, and powerful Crusade relics up for grabs. There’s also rules for looted vehicles in Ork Crusade armies!

You can get it in a collector’s edition or the standard edition.

War Zone Octarius Book 2: Critical Mass

Also coming is a new Crusade mission pack, Catastrophe. This release introduces Treachery and Honour system which offers new ways to play multiplayer games. Included are 21 new missions (six each for Combat Patrol, Incursion, and Strike Force-sized games, and three for Onslaught games), along with a host of bespoke Stratagems, Battle Traits, and Agendas. It also includes the new Underdog system, which can help you grasp victory from the jaws of certain defeat.

Crusade mission pack Catastrophe

Finally, you can get a pack of dice in dark green with an Inquisitorial rosette and xenos skull.

Finally, Warhammer 40,000 Sisters of Battle #3 is out from Marvel. The issue features an exclusive cover only available from Games Workshop.

Cawdor get the focus in Necromunda. You’ll be able to get the Cawdor Weapons and Upgrade kit which is compatible with the Cawdor gang and features 14 alternate weapons. Also included are 10 heads to personalize your gang.

 Cawdor Weapons and Upgrade kit

Cawdor gangs also get the Stig Shambler. This brute adds some heavy-hitting power to gangs. You can equip either a twin-linked heavy stubber or a heavy flamer to take on rival gangs.

Stig Shambler

Also coming is Klovis the Redeemer and his Deacon Malakev. Cut through the faithless with a master-crafted eviscerator. He’ll fire up your gang and cut through the others.

Klovis the Redeemer and his Deacon Malakev

How about some birds? Sheen Birds are a nuisance to the enemy with their beaks and claws. They can fly around to easily get to the enemy and make sure no one is safe no matter high up they’re hiding.

Sheen Birds

Blood for the blood god. Skulls for the skull throne! Khorne comes to Blood Bowl with the Skull-Tribe Slaughterers.

Blood Bowl

There will also be a booster pack from Forge World for you to add some variety to your team! It features two alternate sculpts for Bloodborn Marauder Linemen and two alternate Khorngors.

Forge World Khorne Booster Pack

And even more carnage is coming! Two Khornate Star Players, Max Spleenripper and Scyla Anfingrimm, are coming to the pitch!

Finally, you can add even more brute strength to your Khorne team with the Khorne Bloodspawn. This is for when you want to cause absolute havoc on the field.

Khorne Bloodspawn

Spike! Journal 13 unleashes all of this with the background and history of Khorne teams in Blood Bowl. It has all the rules for fielding your new players along with sample rosters and more!

Spike! Journal 13

You’ll need a proper pitch, dice, and card pack to show your allegiance to Khorne. You can get all of these as well giving you some home-field advantage.

Black Library has some new releases starting with the next chapter in the Dawn of Fire series. Dawn of Fire III: Wolftime has Logan Grimnar and his Chapter attempting to stem the tide of rampaging Orks led by Ghazghkull himself!

You can get this book in a special edition limited to 2,000 copies that has a debossed leather-effect cover, foil blocking, and an additional short story, as well as signed by the author.

Dawn of Fire III: Wolftime

You’ll also be able to get The Wolftime as a paperback, epub, or audiobook as well.

The Wolftime

Also coming from Black Library is this year’s Black Library Advent calendar. Count down the days to Christmas with 25 beautiful A3 art prints of Black Library covers.

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