Warhammer Day 2021: Dungeon Bowl is Back!

Blood Bowl is getting some focus with the much-beloved Dungeon Bowl returning! The subterranean sports mayhem is getting a new boxed set that will allow the eight Colleges of Magic to set up winding dungeons for an all-new take on the classic game. Mixed teams, magical traps, maximum carnage! It’s all here!

Dungeon Bowl was first released in a box set in 1989 as Elves, Dwarfs, & Dungeonbowl. It included two teams, Dwarves and Elves, each with a single pose figure. Also included were tiles and markers to play your games of Dungeon Bowl.

To begin, players need to explore the dungeon and rummage through chests until they find the ball. Then, teams need to score just one touchdown to win the game!

In Dungeon Bowl, wizards from one of eight colleges pick their team from all of the races and positions. There’s no pitch, there’s no line of scrimmage, the rules are… few.

The updated Dungeon Bowl comes with updated components including new board tiles, 3D pieces like chests and portals, and all new tweaks from the updated Blood Bowl.

Dungeon Bowl

The new box set is great for fans of the game and new players. New players will get a solid handle on traditional Blood Bowl and be able to transition to it after needing to escape the tunnels.

The game is fully formed, allowing players to just get this box set and start playing!

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