Warhammer Day 2021: The Maggotkin Get a New Age of Sigmar Battletome

Maggotkin of Nurgle Battletome

Games Workshop revealed during Warhammer Day, that the Maggotkin will soon claim a battletome of their own. Nurgle’s time has come!

With the new battletome comes all sorts of new abilities that fit the theme of the force. One battle trait is Diseased which withers any enemy unit nearby or that has taken damage from Diseased Weapons. Various plagues and contagions have more impact and the troops are much more difficult to put down. Even more so when you take their most powerful daemon, the so-called Loci of Fecundity!

There’s also an extensive set of Path to Glory rules that represent the goals of the Maggotkin armies. The goal really being the spread of Nurgle’s love and gifts.

There are also brand-new miniatures such as this new sorcerer. There are multiple heads to choose from including a human fly!

Nurgle Sorcerer

The Maggotkin battletome is expected to spread its disease starting in December.

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