Warhammer Day 2021: Warcry: Red Harvest Features New Miniatures, Fresh Terrain, and Brutal Brawls

Warcry returns with Warcry: Red Harvest. Set in the shadow of the Varanspuire, tormented plains stretch all around and the realmstone varanite is mined by the hordes of enslaved mortals. One touch of the substance can give you an extra arm or head or turn you into a Chaos Spawn!

This is never more present than the Tarantulos Brood who grow extra limbs to ascend to the form of the monstrous arachnids they worship. They grow spidery mutations in an attempt for domination.

The Darkoath Savagers stand against them in this new boxed set. They respect might above all else and we can see that with their muscles, giant weapons, and lack of armor.

Also in the Warcry: Red Harvest boxed set is terrain to do battle over. Also included is a double-sided gaming board, new tokens, dice, Warcry cards, everything a new player needs!

Warcry: Red Harvest

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