Warhammer Fest 2021: War Zone Charadon Continues with The Book of Fire

War Zone Charadon Act II: The Book of Fire

During Warhammer Fest 2021, Games Workshop revealed the next book in “War Zone Charadon“.

Act II: The Book of Fire continues the next chapter which sees an escalating conflict including the demonic hordes of Be’lakor and the newly anointed Abbess Sanctorum, Morvenn Vahl.

Will Metalica hold against the growing tide of the Chaos invaders?

The book will have more Armies of Renown including the Disciples of Be’lakor which comrpises of Daemons and mortals. And of course a Warhammer 40K datasheet for Be’lakor!

To go along with a new battlefront will be Battlezone: Mechanicus – Charadon. The Battlezone kit features what you need to build up a battlefield with a bit of an industrial theme.

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